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Sweet Talk


You know how to walk the walk

You know how to talk the talk

Sweet lips, honey drips

Sugar sprinkles, cream puffs

Candy bars – I see stars

When we kiss I’m on Mars

Or some other chocolate bars

I’ll write you a sonnet

And put frosting on it…


©Denise G Allen, 13 May 2013 20:05


Climate Change

Have a look just how serious Climate Change is.
I’m going to sit this one out. I posted it out of general interest.

Taken from


Google has released a series of time-lapse images that show the massive changes that have occurred to certain areas of the Earth’s surface roughly over the period 1984-2012.

The images show, year by year, the massive changes that have occurred to various areas of the planet, including Dubai’s costal expansion, Las Vegas urban growth (1986-2012), Brazilian Amazon deforestation, Lake Urmia drying up, Wyoming coal-mining and the Columbia glacier retreat (for the purposes of animation this image changes on a bigger time-scale than year-by-year).

To create these animated images Google joined forces with the US Geological Survey, NASA and TIME magazine while Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab built the HTML5 site that made the animations interactive and enables users to browse them.

The images are available to view on Google+ and on Google Earth. Click on the link below:,-114.95888,8.5,latLng&t=0.05