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Echoes of the Past

Single simple rose

Single simple rose

Echoes of the Past

Echoes through mists of time and space,
Sometimes tough to see its face,
Complex intricate forms display
In the presence of today.
Life and death are intertwined,
Silk and thorns are all designed
To influence, guide, hold sway
For hence we have evolved this way.

Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 30 July 2013 05:37

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Time and Time Again…

Sidey’s weekend theme this week is ‘LATE’:


Use your time, don’t let it slide

Into the Great Divide

‘tween Heaven and Earth,

Misused, into the past –

Lost in the vast-ness of space…

Whether you dream dreams,

Write reams, run the race of life,

Just don’t waste your time –

Your gift from God –

On fruitless pursuits.

More precious than stones,

Silver or gold, time cannot be stored

For use on a rainy day,

Cannot be ignored as it

Catches you up and passes you by.

Too late, too late, you will cry

As on your deathbed you lie.


©Denise G Allen, 27 July 2013 08:38


Fait Accompli


There’s no starting over
What’s done is done
What’s said is said
I had no confidence left


Eroded away ‘til I was gone
Just an empty shell
A shadow of myself
A sacrifice in the name of ‘love’


A joker’s prank so off it stank
Reborn in my middle age
To regain what had been lost
But we knew that time was past


©Denise G Allen, 23 July 2013 08:34


Silence is…


A warm blanket on a cold winter’s night

Before being torn just before dawn

By the loud cries of Africa’s birds

Hadedas, wild geese and louries

Taking off to circle the skies

Waiting, anticipating the sunrise


©Denise G Allen, 19 July 2013 07:48

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Catfight at Sunrise


Fight or flight

Cornered with no escape

Make or break

Either way he’s done

With a YOWL and a grOWL

They leap into the attack

Never turning their back


Without a pause

Fur flies like large snowflakes

White, bright, like a pillow fight

Twirling, whirling feline dervishes

Rolling over and over

I had to intervene

Between protagonist and antagonist

The former strutted off

Tail in the air

While the latter slunk home

To lick his wounds

No real damage done


©Denise G Allen, 17 July 2013 13:50




Sleep laps around me as I lie,
Breathe in, two, three, four…
Silence is golden,
Breathe out, two, three, four…

So many kinds of silence,
Peaceful, poignant,
Pregnant, after-shock…
Jane and her dad in Golden Pond,
Long time, no see,
She didn’t hold the key,
Nothing keeps old age away,
Nothing can hold time at bay.

In, two, three, four…
Out, two, three, four…
Sleep washes over me,
Carries me away, away…
To that secret place,
To that secret space…


©Denise G Allen, 15 July 2013 08:53


The Collector



Day of peace, thankfulness and worship

What better day for

The collector and his cronies

To be out and about

Dressed in their Sunday best

Donning a hat and a pious face

Who would suspect

They are there to collect…


Souls of the sad, souls of the malcontent

Souls of the dissident

Souls all alone

Souls seeking a home –

EnGarde, beware –

They are there in disguise

Hunting and hounding

Seeking and stalking

Dissecting…, collecting…


©Denise G Allen, 14 July 2013 07:19