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Behind the Scene


Tranquil lawns of green,

sprinkled with the last autumn leaves,

flower beds alive with colours, roses pink, irises blue

and daisies big and small –

photo’s can’t do justice to them all –

how misleading, how deceiving,

this scene, so serene,

a microcosm of our world

where good stands against evil –

God against the devil –

corrupted souls, hypocrisy grows

and Satan smiles all the while.

This restful place should offer peace

with God, oneself and with nature,

but it harbours vile and malicious spirits

intent on sowing spite and malevolence,

insidiously and ingeniously

undetected in the main,

but ignored by some –

tantamount to sanction…


©Denise G Allen, 02 July 2013 13:28