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Aunty Mae

This is written for Sidey’s Theme this week: LINK DOESN’T WORK.

Aunty Mae


I spent a day (or two)

With Aunty Mae (and you);

Eccentric old bat

Who wore a hat

(which often took flight)

Every single day

(and also at night).

She made her hats

Out of this and that,

Odds and ends,

And used to mend

And do alterations too.

Bits and pieces

Of spastic plastic,

Buttons and bows

And lots of ‘who knows?’,

Rainbow colours with

Bits and bobs, drops and globs.

She’d sit for hours, days,

Weeks and years

Concocting bizarre creations,

And the weirdest conceptions,

But beautiful too, in a way,

Ensuring we’d never forget

Our sweet Aunty Mae.


©Denise G Allen, 06 July 2013 08:39