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My Africa


The music breathes into my soul,
phantom fingers stroke the keys,
draw breath to blow the ‘bone,
wisps of smoke curl overhead
‘gainst the naked globe.

Far, far away atop a craggy hill
the lone, plaintive cry
of a pennywhistle fills the sky
and the mist rises and curls
t’wards the ascending sun.

Nineteen years and what has changed?
Promises unfulfilled ~
The world stands still…


©Denise G Allen, 27 August 2013 04:00


Without Love


We’ll never get to heaven
Without love
All the monies spent
Don’t even make a dent
Without love

We’re cut from a different design
Originals all
Each had an umbilical cord
Was tied to mom’s apron strings
Followed by dad’s purse strings

Then our heart strings lead us
Towards the Ideal
A Model to emulate, to imitate
But we can’t buy our way to heaven
Without love


©Denise G Allen, 22 August 2013 04:10


The Piper


Dancing to the Piper’s tune
With a-wailing here and a-reeling there
Lift your feet up in the air
‘cos you don’t want to trip
An’ you don’t want to slip
And beware of the crooked stair

Oohlala, oohlalay as the Piper pipes away
Faster, faster, there he goes
You must be smarter on your toes
Happy music plays today
But who knows what the morrow brings
Only the Piper kens the songs he sings

©Denise G Allen, 18 August 2013 09:09




Sitting staring into space
Remembering another time and place
Now all alone in her silent world
Peacefully waiting…

The sounds of life pass her by
The hue and cry out in the streets
Birds in the trees fill the air
With their twitterings and tweets

Another time, another place…
Soon she’ll quit the human race
The race of life is almost run
And she accepts what is to come


©Denise G Allen, 14 August 2013 10:01




Eyes closed, I lay on my back
In the warmth of the sun,
Gently undulating sea beneath,
Bathed in calmness and peace.

Starting upright, treading water,
I saw that I had drifted far out
Taken by the current and now
Gripped by the undertow.

Then, from the corner of my eye
A fin appeared, slicing the swells,
A heart-stopping moment as I knew
He would be first in the queue.

BUMP, BUmp, bump…

A dolphin knocked against my legs;
Instinctively I opened a pathway
And he swam between, rising up,
And upwards until I lay on his back.

He carried me to the ocean shelf
Where he stopped before the shallows
And watched ‘til I was safely aground
Then with a splash of his tail he was gone.


©Denise G Allen, 07 August 2013 14:55


Destiny (or The Third Eye)




Destiny (or The Third Eye)


How beautiful, she thought,

As she stopped her car.

A cool breeze rustled the trees.

What a wonderful scene

With the lake below

Shining bright in the clear sunlight

Venturing further from the roadside

Into the long grass she took a look

Through her camera lens, cliCK,

Another cliCK and yet another.

CRunCH of leaves on the ground


Her breath caught in her throat

As she swung round to see

Him step out from behind a tree…

Her destiny…


Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 03 August 2013 07:27




She was a rich bitch
Fair-haired blue-eyed golden girl
Daddy’s pearl

He was working class
Bold as brass
Kiss my ass

Love strikes out of the blue
And it targeted those very two
Daddy roared NO NO NO
Mother said rather listen to your father

Then they called the preacher in
Sunday school teacher in
And since the boy was born in sin
His sanction was impossible
Absolutely impractical
So that’s the reason why
There they lie…

©Denise G Allen, 01 August 2013 10:47