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The Womanizer



Enraged –
Clothes flying from the cupboard
To the suitcase on the bed –

I’ve had enough!

I’m leaving!

No more!

Four little hands
Hold on to her skirt

Mummy, please don’t go!

Mummy, please don’t go!

How history…
Repeats itself…


©Denise G Allen, 16 December 2013 07:43


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

4 thoughts on “The Womanizer

  1. That is the saddet part. It goes from one generation to the next


  2. And yet no one is laughing. 😦


  3. ugh. sadly it does….sadly it does…
    and if she goes i hope she takes the kids…just sayin….


  4. Such a very tragic scenario, adee.


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