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Black & White


Blinds (pun intended)

(pun intended)


This was written just after Turning the Tide.

Black & White

Black and white
Shadows and light
The colours of night
Contrasting shades
Opposing views
Conflicting ideas
Divergent beliefs
But if you consider

They are us
And we are they
All mixed up
In many ways
Even piano keys
Need each other
Can we not learn
To live together

Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 12 February 2014 08:31

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

20 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. Well done! Simple, powerful and beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this poem before going to bed. “even piano keys need each other” … As an optimist in training, I really hope that we can learn to live together …


  2. Loved the verse and the accompanying photograph. What jumped out at me from the verse are your closing line, and I quote:

    “Can we not learn
    To live together”

    And as we hold the awareness of the intertwining and mixing, what would you say is at the core of us not learning to live together?



  3. Wow… what a powerful bit of writing… the last two lines especially… brilliant piece of work this …brilliant..


  4. sometimes i wonder if we can learn…we seem to get it wrong so often…bringing in expectations and not communicating….ah the list goes on…smiles…


  5. In the physics of magnetism
    opposites attract
    and likes repel..
    I ask you now,
    should that not hold true
    to us as well?


  6. Lovely poem, adee. It’s very sad, isn’t it?


  7. It is, I agree, AD. 😦


  8. I really like and very inspired… 🙂


  9. Thank you so much, Gede. 😀


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