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Why can’t others see

What my eyes are telling me?

Time and again through history

Bad choices by the majority

Lead us into misery – but

Do we learn from our mistakes?

Oh no, not us, we’ll always be

Blind to what some others see

As in the past days gone by

Barabbas was the one set free.


©Denise G Allen, 28 April 2014 08:21


Silence is Silver


Silence is silver,

Gold is too brash

As the sound of cymbals

Will clash in the silvery

Silence of the moon,

And soon you will hear

Silence breathe –

You can catch its breath

If you listen hard enough

And the breath of peace

Can cloak the world

If we only believe…


©Denise G Allen, 17 April 2014 06:54




Look around you, if you dare,
There is beauty everywhere,
Beauty in the mountains tall,
Beauty in the grottos small,
The zillion different shades of green,
The spectrum of colours,
The scale of sounds,
All together know no bounds.


And all the creatures in all the world,
All the life that lives in earth
And sea and sky,
And that includes both you and I,
Live in symbiotic bonds whereby
Upon each other we rely
For the wants of life
Which we have squandered nearly dry.


We are not the masters of the universe,
We are not the kings who rule the earth,
We are here to live God’s plan,
Our God who is the great I Am,
And we his servants to do His will
And bid our ego’s to be still,
Giving God the glory He deserves,
Holding nothing in reserve.


©Denise G Allen, 14 April 2014 07:27


Autumn Loves, Leaves

Autumn Loves, Leaves

Autumn Loves, Leaves

Autumn Loves, Leaves


Autumn leaves rain down

Slowly, steadily covering the ground

Tho’ summer’s leaves remain

In abundance on the trees.

‘twill be months before the boughs are bare

But for now the beauty of diverse hues

Reflect, both above and below, bedecked

In summer and autumn’s greens and golds.

The most beautiful of all seasons,

Autumn bridges the times of plenty

With the times of hardship; one foot

On the earth, the other in the grave;

’tis the season I most love.

©Denise G Allen, 12 April 2014 07:30


In the Dark


I can’t remember your face,

Darkly as it always was,

Heavily clouded eyes

Looking ever inward,

Unseeingly – seemingly

Hovering on the edge of life.

Scant memories of love and laughter,

Only of misery and blame;

Looking through the album

Of remembrances,

You were the night to my day,

The dark to my light

Fading away…

You were the depth of my shame

Brought to mind again.


©Denise G Allen, 07 April 2014 11:49


Seeds of Life


We need seeds to plant
When this planet is dead,
Stripped for posterity
By commerce and industry
And selfish activities
Without a thought of


Scatter seeds for the future ~
From the North to the South,
From the East to the West ~
Seeds of learning,
Seeds of birthing,
Animal and vegetable,
Original, incorruptible…


Can we start again?


©Denise G Allen, 28 March 2014 15:57


Fat Cat (A rap poem)


Fat cat, head of state,

Earns far more

Than he deserves

When he knows not

Wot’s going on ~

Others run his life for him!

Is he so weak

Or is it a charade

That ‘they’ choose

How much he spends

So his ignorance knows no end.

From the shower to the pool

He is nothing but a fool

Thinking that the powa

Will be his for eva ~

The writing is on the wall

(be it ever so small)

It is there for all

To see.


©Denise G Allen, 05 April 2014 08:43