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The Flood



Lift up our heads above the water plane,

Choppy little waves throw caution to the wind

And the current drags us effortlessly down,

Tugging, pulling, wrenching at our feet

Until they no longer reach the ground.


We are at the mercy of the flood;

Unless we find a lifeline all is lost.

We will lose the struggle to survive,

Unless we find the courage to hold fast.

And death will take our mortal soul at last.


©Denise G Allen, 12 May 2014 11:51

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

12 thoughts on “The Flood

  1. Reminds style Emily Dickinson.


  2. so true…and that lifeline is so important because that flood will come…and depending on our foundation will wash us away


  3. A modern day Jonah? 🙂


  4. INTERESTING!!! I was just associating day to day life with being drift wood on a stream today on FB and then I read this! Isn’t it funny how the thought flows around this world. LOL! Take care Denise!!! HUGS!


    • Hi Stu, in March 2011 I wrote a poem called ‘Driftwood’ and you commented on it! It is odd that ideas seem to float around so. This one wasn’t supposed to be what it turned out at all but sometimes I can’t control the outcome, lol! You take good care of yourself too Stuart. Hope things are improving.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes, we do all need a lifeline at times, adee. This poem is very compelling, and full of energy.


  6. Thanks for reading this post, AD, and for your positive comment .


  7. In life we ride the currents until they let us go or pull us under. Nice flow and metaphors.


  8. Thanks so much, SHO! 🙂


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