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Curtain Call

Post No. 918

Curtain Call


Words wait in the wings

behind the curtains in my mind

listening for their cue to join

the actors on centre stage

just before I turn the page.


From the brain to the mouth,

from the smooth to the rough,

they are alive, can love and hate,

can change the world for good and bad;

just an inflection could change direction

to reflect our loving Lord.


Copyright Denise G Allen, 25 March 2016 10:30


The Kite

Post No. 917

The Kite


He flew higher and higher

until the cord snapped,

the sun died

and the sky bled.

On and on around the curve of the earth,

across the face of the moon.

Sharp eyes cut the darkness,

lit up the skies as he searched

and his mate waited and watched.


Copyright Denise G Allen, 23 March 2016 12:05


Absence … makes the heart grow fonder – or does it?



Whew – well I’m back again and in the meantime I am using a nifty ‘teensy weensy’ little computer called (so cute) Raspberry Pi. I see the busy bees at WordPress have ¬†been making changes. And to cap it all this cute little computer is using open source software – very different from Microsoft, I must say! So… please be patient with me as I struggle to master all these new things in my life.

Missed you.

Love, Denise xxx