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The President

Post No. 951

29 October 2016

The President 


We have a president

The likes of which there’s been no precedent, 

His gamesmanship appears unequalled

As he has fun, fun, fun at our expense, 

Winning right across the board, 

Avoiding recompense for never-ending scandals,

Nefarious wheelings and dealings,

The nation’s embarrassment on his behalf,

But – no matter –

Who has the power to unseat this ‘king’

(Who makes use of the royal ‘we’)?

We, the people, have the power to make him cower

As we uncover the extent of his trickery,

Unmask and turn this slippery man into history!


Copyright: Denise Allen 29.10.2016 09:15

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Post No.950

28 October 2016



Lightning flickers between cloud layers,

Electricity crackles a soft warning,

‘This will get worse before morning.’

The night sky is alive

While a maelstrom of humanity scurries beneath –

And then –

With a Velcro RRRRRip the sky opens up

And great swathes of water gush down.

Thank you, God, for the rain we pray. 

Thank you, God.


Copyright: Denise Allen 28.10.2016 08:30

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Perfect World

Post No.949 – Edited

15 October 2016

Perfect World


Earthworks, artworks,

Sculpted, painted, decorated –

Mold me to have a place

In Your perfect world;

Let me reflect Your glory,

Be part of Your kingdom of light,

while your love restores my soul and makes me whole.


Copyright: Denise Allen 15.10.2016 16:00


Time & Place

Post No.948

14 October 2016

Time & Place


We have carved time into pieces,

Manageable bits to suit our purpose,

Measured from sunup to sundown,

From season to season,

Interlocking the years

Past, present and future

Into infinity – way past eternity –

Where dimensions we cannot fathom

Are yet to be discovered

And tailored to fit our comprehension 

As we feel our way through the cosmos

Like blind men lost in the wilderness.


Copyright: Denise Allen 14.10.2016 01:15

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Here & Now

Post No.947

12 October 2016

Here & Now


On this spot, on the dot,

Time waited, time wasted,

Gone for ever into the ether,

Into history – 

And therein lies the mystery!

Time may run out,

Time can run away,

But His time lasts for eternity

And His love lasts for infinity.


Copyright: Denise Allen 12.10.2016 11:00

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The Real Thing

Post No.945

8 October 2016


The Real Thing

We watch, we wait,

We try to anticipate,

At times to no avail – we fail.

This life is the real thing,

No dress rehearsal,

No role reversal.

We are what we are,

We do or we don’t,

We will or we won’t.

Are we just dust in this endless universe?


Copyright: Denise Allen 08.10.2016 16:00

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Post No 944


1 October 2016


The wind spring cleans,

Plucking the last dead leaves,

Dry dust billows up my nose

Making it explode –

One for luck and two for love…

Superstition/supposition –

Please Father God send the rain,

The world is burning up again,

Tempers inflame,

Irrationality prevails,

Take charge O Lord

And may Thy will overrule.


Copyright: Denise Allen 01.10.2016 11:22