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The Silver Line

Post No. 961

30 December 2016

The Silver Line


There is a silver line

That runs between sea and sky,

Betwixt this world and next.


If I could only fly

I’d see the new world wait for me

And when the lightning rends the air

A glimpse of shining gold appears,

A window quickly closed –

The future not exposed.


Copyright: Denise G Allen 30.12.2016 12:00



Sleep Baby Sleep

Post No. 960

24 December 2016

Sleep Baby Sleep


Softest, softest drizzle,

Cool air rocks the cradle,

Sleep, baby, sleep;

Prepare to bear the weight of the world,

The crown of thorns,

Joy and sorrow await your tomorrow.


Copyright: Denise Allen 24:12:2016 08.15


Suicide of Civilisation

Post No.959

17 December 2016

Suicide of Civilisation


I wander up hill and down dale

Looking for the street called Straight,

Passing though bogs and sawn down logs –

Signs of progress while nations regress –

Where bare sand erodes in the wind

And deserts overtake the forests;

Cities and towns mushroom at every turn,

Concrete jungles whose heat smothers

The very air we breathe, the air we need,

Until mankind turns on itself

Playing the blame game to the death.


Copyright: Denise Allen 17.12.2016 20:58