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Musings on Death and Destruction

Musings on Death and Destruction

We have progressed (regressed?)
from the guns and tanks of World War II
to Agent Orange,
Contact Poisons
and all manner of sophisticated weaponry
aimed at the destruction of ‘our enemies’.

And, in addition to all this,
we are doing really excellent
work in another direction –
we are killing our planet so that
it will become uninhabitable.
We are killing the birds of the air,
the fish of the sea and the
animals of the earth.
Are these ‘our enemies’?

Not too far in the future
we will have too little water;
therefore we will have
no plants or animals for food
and, lastly, we will have no air to breathe!

Talk about technologically advanced!
Talk about First World nations!
We should be ashamed of ourselves!
Do we not realise that all these
Conditions began in an insidious way
and are escalating as time passes?
Are we so blind, so over-confident,
Or are we so self-centred that
future generations mean nothing?

And all the while we continue
merrily along with our silly little lives.