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A Sleepless Night


A gutsy, gusty wind blows hard against my window pane,

Rattling the blinds, klonk, klonk, klonkity, klonk

And sleep stretches further and further away

Almost out of reach…

My mother was a worrier most of her life;

If it wasn’t ‘your father’, it was ‘you children’

But she did have peace after he had left,

Peace that ‘passeth all understanding’* which I,

Only now, fully comprehend.

The lamp shows it to be one thirty ay em

As I rise to close the outer door, Cat’s only escape route

From the prison of my home…

The wind has changed to sensuous sounds of the sea

Swelling, washing, back and forth, back and forth,

Calming, soothing and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Comes to mind as I drift away on the vast sea of eternity.


©Denise G Allen, 20 June 2014 01:05



Setting Sail


I’m setting sail for nowhere

Just blowing on the wind

With my eyes on the horizon

I wonder what I’ll find


I’m setting sail for nowhere

And relying on the wind

Unlike the Ancient Mariner*

To prove to be my friend


I’m setting sail for nowhere

I hope I reach my goal

And when I do make landfall

I’ll find the place called Home


Sorry, I couldn’t embed this today:


*Ancient Mariner, poem by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge

©DGA 01 December 2011 07:10