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she licks her icecream cone

drip, drip, it runs down her hand

to her wrist

he watches from some way off

lick, lick, tilting her arm

so her tongue can reach

the running dribble of sweetness

the icecream drops down

towards the ground

then he swoops, hand at the ready

catches his prize

and scoops the ball

into his wide open mouth


©DGA 22 August 2011 11:43


A Yellow Umbrella

A Yellow Umbrella

a yellow umbrella
bright as a second sun
stands on the sands
giving shade to everyone

a spring day in may
the sea as smooth as glass
we walked hand in hand
‘long the dunes of velvet grass

a yellow umbrella
and a red beach ball
come and join the fun
beach soccer one and all

oh for those carefree days
of innocence and youth
oh for those carefree days
of energy and health

©DGA 08 August 2011 11:01