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The Battlefield


Horses screamed and armour clashed,

Warning shouts filled the air while

Mistress moon sailed overhead,

Her face inscrutable, no trace that she

Could hear or see the field below.

My eyes, unfocused, saw by her illumination

Row upon row of soldiers in ghost-like ranks

Marching down the hillside relentlessly,

Implacable, immovable, unbending, unyielding,

Their legs frozen in place for hundreds of years

As they stood in their prime, overseeing the scene

And remembering…


©Denise G Allen, 18 January 2014 16:18


Dragons and Monsters

Dragons and Monsters

Flickering flames, tongues of fire,
Greedily licking ever higher
Consuming everything in their path
To the sound of breaking glass.

Dragons on the road to war,
Marching onward ever more,
Gaining strength with all they eat,
Crumbling ruins left behind.

The silhouettes of puny men
Can be seen now and again
Overcome by choking smoke
Trying to hunt the dragons down.

The battle seems unfairly fought,
The fire appears too great a force
Until a vast man-made machine
Drowns the lot in its foul spume.