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No Choice…

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No Choice…

The day following my post,
Where are the Bees,
I discovered two bees
Buzzing in the bathroom
And three more in the kitchen
Buzz, buzz, buzzing at the windows,
Wanting to go outside.

A week or so later I noticed,
Outside in the garden,
A stream of bees coming and going
To and from the airbrick
On the outside bathroom wall.
I kept an eye on the ins and outs
And so life progressed.

Until last Tuesday when I saw
What appeared to be
Millions of bees flying in a frenzy
In the garden outside the bathroom.
They seemed to me
Really upset about something
And so we went inside.

I looked up Bee Removers
In the Yellow Pages
And phoned all the ones
Affiliated to Apiaries
And/or the Department of Agriculture
And with no exception
They all said the only solution
Was extermination.

The bees had built their hive
In the space under the bath
And the Queen could not be removed
Without breaking the wall
And probably the bath.
And so I had no choice
But to carry out their recommendation.

I couldn’t sleep last night
Because now I feel like a murderer!
We know there are far fewer bees,
So why isn’t there a simple solution
Like enticing them out with a scent
Which they find irresistible
And just leaving the Queen behind?


©DGA 14.10.2010


Where are the Bees?

Where are the Bees?

Three years ago I planted a little nectarine tree
Which flowered in the spring and was beautiful to see.
It bore four nectarines – just perfect for me!
But I waited too long to pluck them off the tree;
The nectarines were gone, the birds had been there first,
And I was quite left out as they feasted on the fruit.

Since then the bees have vanished from the scene!
The next two years brought flowers but no fruit
Which portends a time of famine and starvation;
Our land, in days gone by a land of plenty,
Could now become a place of want and apportionment
Unless the situation can be healed.

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©DGA 11.09.2010