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These are the Things…


An act of kindness,
a smiling face,
a baby bird,
God’s bountiful grace,
a new-born foal
finding its feet,
helping another
to cross the street,
healing rain
on my skin,
the joy and peace
I feel within,
the sun’s rays
shining through the trees,
cool misty mornings
with a crisp breeze…

these are the things that make my soul sing ~

these are the things that make life fulfilling.


©Denise G Allen, 15 January 2014 09:00


Bird Watching



Bird Watching

A sound, a movement
In the early morning light
He entered the room
And his eyes met mine
As with a ‘prrt-prrt’
(‘Hello’ in cattish) he greeted me,
‘Good morning, Cat’, said I.
‘It’s too early for breakfast time.’
‘Mma’ he replied as he stretched out
Full length on the floor
It was only then I saw the little bird –
Another present, but this was alive!
How weird, so bizarre,
What a surprise, this little guy
Sitting quite still, and calmly
Watching us, both Cat and I.

Photograph: ©Denise G Allen

©Denise G Allen, 23 December 2012 04:30


The Hunter




The branch reaches down towards the stream,

Cool, clear and translucent.

All is silent save for gurgling and soft splashing

As the wavelets pass obstacles in their course.

A peaceful, serene and tranquil scene.


A flash of red, a dash of green,

A streak of colour, bright as paint,

A bird alights back on the branch,

Water dripping from his wings.

And in his beak a small fish wriggles.


With a stretch of his neck, the fish has gone,

Swallowed whole, while the bird sits still,

Motionless, as the keen eyes scan the water.

A frozen image of a hunter seeking out his prey

While the fish, unaware, continue to play.


Photo: Wikipedia