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Post No. 875




Walking around, living blind

Or at the very least

Wearing blinkers

Seeing only what we want to see

Only what we expect to see

Where is the sight?

Switch on the light.


©Denise G Allen, 21 September 2015 06:30


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Nightmare –

Post No. 826


Nightmare –


Air as thick as watery jelly

Sluggishly runny

Deep breaths he said

His voice echoes

Through a hollow tube

Deep breaths

Where oh where is the air

I grope blindly

Sightless eyes

Can’t recognise…


©Denise G Allen, 23 June 2015 06:37



Post No. 797




This is a land of secrets

whispered behind closed doors

a raised hand bans lip reading

background machinations

use your imaginations

everything has its price

and money has the power

assassinations are for the taking

murder is for the making

and the price is always right

where is the law –gone before a fall

no longer able to drive a wedge

between good and evil

excise the rot from a bowl of fruit

the weevils from the food

corruption is the name of the game

and the players are able

to sit around the table pushing

kings queens and pawns back and forth

toppling governments

no longer servants but sovereigns

puffed up with their own importance

and the tale continues with whispers

getting louder, becoming shouts

and only now becoming heard

by ones who listen and could take action

the few brave enough to speak out

the rest deliberately blind

too inconvenient to see…


©Denise G Allen, 07 May 2015 05:43




Why can’t others see

What my eyes are telling me?

Time and again through history

Bad choices by the majority

Lead us into misery – but

Do we learn from our mistakes?

Oh no, not us, we’ll always be

Blind to what some others see

As in the past days gone by

Barabbas was the one set free.


©Denise G Allen, 28 April 2014 08:21