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In the care centre
Of this retirement village
I am surrounded by suffering,
Some with Parkinsons,
Some with heart and/or lung disease,
Carrying their life-saving oxygen,
Some dealing with the devastating aftermath of strokes.
Those who pass over in their sleep
Or suddenly from heart failure
Are greatly envied by those suffering and left behind.
Many pray for release,
None are afraid,
All are at peace.
I am like the proverbial fly on the wall,
Watching, waiting…
Admiring the human spirit in the face of adversity…
And wishing I could heal the sick and the suffering!

Image: by Frogshell2 –
©DGA 15.05.2011 08:50


Dragons and Monsters

Dragons and Monsters

Flickering flames, tongues of fire,
Greedily licking ever higher
Consuming everything in their path
To the sound of breaking glass.

Dragons on the road to war,
Marching onward ever more,
Gaining strength with all they eat,
Crumbling ruins left behind.

The silhouettes of puny men
Can be seen now and again
Overcome by choking smoke
Trying to hunt the dragons down.

The battle seems unfairly fought,
The fire appears too great a force
Until a vast man-made machine
Drowns the lot in its foul spume.