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False Starts

Side View’s Weekend Theme, 6 August 2010, False Starts

Friends are Special

I got this from Jingle and would like to pass it on to all of you!

False Starts

Waiting for my arm to heal
After six weeks in plaster,
I returned to the doctor yesterday –
And what a disaster!

I thought I would be free again
From all the limitations
Of these past long days,
Only to hear of further restrictions.

Back to hospital in five days’ time;
Remove the plaster and the pins,
But then be fitted with a brace
Protecting the bones for the final phase.

Another month – I’ve had enough!
Please Lord, never let me fall again:
This has been a trial for all
And I have struggled to keep my cool!



Twofold a Hostage

Twofold a Hostage

I’ve lost my wings and cannot fly,
Trapped in a plaster cast –
Echoes of days gone by,
Fingers plodding on the keys.

Unable to communicate,
Locked out of the internet,
In this concurrence of fate –
Yet still my mind is free.

I cry out to Him as before,
Why me, Father? Why me?
What have I done? And He replies,
Some things are meant to be.