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Large glass double doors

Sun stopped outside

L-shaped room, chair-lined

‘You can’t sit there’

Words rang loud and clear

I looked for an upright chair

Most were bottomless pits

Traps for the unaware

People dressed in Sunday best

I recognised one or two

Some of the rest were new

Inmates – how ‘they’ hated the word

Residents is what ‘they’ preferred

Like animals, accepting fate

Tame, meek, all submission

Absolutely no assertion

Who remembers they are there

Perhaps Death will be the one

Sent to remind them

Of what they forgot


©DGA 30 December 2011 09:50



oxygen mask Pictures, Images and Photos


In the care centre
Of this retirement village
I am surrounded by suffering,
Some with Parkinsons,
Some with heart and/or lung disease,
Carrying their life-saving oxygen,
Some dealing with the devastating aftermath of strokes.
Those who pass over in their sleep
Or suddenly from heart failure
Are greatly envied by those suffering and left behind.
Many pray for release,
None are afraid,
All are at peace.
I am like the proverbial fly on the wall,
Watching, waiting…
Admiring the human spirit in the face of adversity…
And wishing I could heal the sick and the suffering!

Image: by Frogshell2 –
©DGA 15.05.2011 08:50