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Life Changes


Born with a pure soul,

Unsullied, untarnished

As the proverbial driven snow

Life scars us, erodes and corrodes

Our spirit, forcing us to hide

Our face behind a mask

And grow a shell around our heart.

Thus armoured, we sally forth

Among the worldly-wise,

Pretending to fit,

Tho’ ill-equipped,

And no one expects or suspects

That what they see is not reality.


©Denise G Allen, 10 January 2014 18:29


Little Deaths

Little Deaths

Life is a journey
Cloaked in ambiguity
And Death is inescapable
Inevitable and unavoidable.

What then are ‘little deaths’?
Episodes of stress,
Major changes in our lives
That leave us feeling helpless.

Both big and little deaths
Leave us at our weakest,
Vulnerable, dependent,
Powerless and defenceless.

With help we can ride out
The storm of our emotions
Until tranquillity and harmony
Are restored to our integrity.


When I had almost finished the above
I was looking for a reference to sleep
as ‘little death’, and I came across this.