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He stands forgotten in the garden
Children’s voices echo on the air
Shouts of glee taken by the wind
Scattered here there and everywhere

Short-lived joy of yesterday
Existing worlds apart
The man of snow stands in the cold
But he feels a warm glow in his heart

©Denise G Allen, 17 January 2013 06:31


I have no words…

Can the Somalian tragedy be changed into our greatest humanity?

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I won’t be doing any more posts for a few days.  I am fast running out of my gig allocation for the month 😦

Roll on the time when I will be back on ADSL 🙂


Childhood – 2 Haikus

Sidey’s Weekend Theme, 08.07.2011: Childhood
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Childhood (1)

Childhood: time for play
interaction with others
and forming friendships

Childhood (2)

Childhood: the basis
of character formation
and moral grounding

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©DGA 09 July 2011 06:47


Street Children

street children Pictures, Images and Photos

Street Children

God help the children
In the harsh cold of winter,
Bones showing through bare threads,
Bloodshot eyes, puffed and red,
Paint, glue, meths, God knows what else,
Cheapest way to face a world
Of days dimmed to gloom,
Tranquilised, anaesthetised,
Homeless… helpless…
Huddled around a fire, shivering,
Tongues of flame sputtering
In the icy wind.

©DGA 27 June 2011 15:13


Rock Pools

Fishing in the Rock Pools

Rock Pools

The waves break on the rocks,

White water sparkles as it drains

Over the surface and down

Into the crevices, cracks,

Holes and gaps

Where small children play

With their fishing nets.

They laugh aloud

As they try in vain

To catch the tiny fish

Who easily evade

The hunters’ wily ways

And swim from pool to pool

Through narrow tunnels

In the stone.

Photo’s: Author – Apologies for the quality – copied from an old video.
©DGA 26.10.2010

Where are the little fish?

Here's one!


The Merry go Round

Merry go Round

The Merry go Round

Laughing children on the ride,
Shouting, waving, being merry;
Parents standing round outside,
Smiling, calling, cameras clicking.

Up and down went the horses,
Round and round went the ride,
Faster, faster, screamed the kiddies,
And a knob was pressed to oblige.

The cries of joy became cries of fear
As panic filled them all;
Parents, children and bystanders
Realised it was out of control.

I jerked awake from my sleep
Relieved it was only a scare,
But next morning I was told by my children
Their school was going to the fair.

Photo :

©DGA 02.10.2010



Sidey’s Weekend Theme: 01.10.2010 – Hiding



He shivered with anticipation,
As excitement filled the air,
He listened hard for footsteps,
But there were none to hear.

Waiting… wondering… heart fit to burst,
His thoughts running riot,
He pictured the path the hunter would take,
But, oh, it was hard to keep quiet.

Shrieks of laughter filled the air;
And he knew a child had been found,
Then he smiled to himself as he wriggled down
In his hidey hole, without a sound.


©DGA 01.10.2010