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Post No. 892




I pace back and forth

Watching the clouds in the sky

Blowing hither and thither

Holding on tight to the rain

And I feel their pain

Squeezed, squashed,

Contained under pressure

Unable to explode ~ for now ~

A few drops the day before

Evaporated as they touched the earth

Sucked upward before they

Could slake the thirst of the soil…

And the clouds scud away

Lightning, thunder threaten

To tear them asunder

But no, the time is not right

The clouds are not ripe

And all we can do is pray

For a soft, gentle rain to soak

The dryness away on another day


®Denise G Allen, 02 November 2015 07:12




They sail on high and fill the sky

With shapes asunder, large and small,

Harbingers of rain, or thunder,

Giving relief to the thirsty earth.


They move without a single sound

As shadows creep across the ground,

Separating, pooling, as the wind blows,

Journeying as far and wide as the sky goes.


©Denise G Allen, 24 July 2014 09:41




Mornings of mist and mystery

Before the sun awakes,

Slakes his unending thirst,

Drinking the last drops of dew

And sucking dry the clouds

Hanging pregnant in the sky.

Midsummer days…

Breathless pulsating heat

Throbbing through the air,

Life-draining lethargy,

Absolutely no energy…

An artificial atmosphere

Feeding pre-cooled air

Satisfies the well-heeled,

But cold showers are best

For the rest…


©Denise G Allen, 04 February 2014 11:15




A thin black line appeared on the horizon,

Barely perceptible to the naked eye,

Crept ever closer, hardly noticeable

At first ~

Until… the shadow fell

And sucked up the colour on the ash dry earth

Until… all was grey.

I thought I caught the smell of rain

But it must have been a dream

As the clouds passed by

And the sun came out again.


©Denise G Allen, 18 November 2013 14:01




Clouds as light as air

Sail across the sky,

Voyagers of discovery

As in years gone by.


Whispers of pink appear,

Murmurs of lilac too,

Gold and silver highlights,

Lowlights of purplish-blue.


Farewell you travellers

Way up on high, adieu;

I wish you a safe journey,

As you fade into the blue.


NB – One of my favourite poets is back here.  Enjoy!

©DGA 30 January 2012 14:50


The Dream 2


Birds abound

Strewn around

On the ground

They don’t cry

Mute acceptance in their eyes

Too little air

The trees are bare

The drought severe

Grass seeds depleted

The birds are defeated

They cannot fly

Exhausted they lie

Too tired to try


Kyoto Protocol Signatories:

©DGA 15 December 2011 15:49


The Dream


Wild horses scream across my dream,

Dust puffs from their hooves

Rise from the arid ground,

Rolling eyeballs red with blood,

Foam flecks flying from their mouths,

Shapes shift in short shrift,

Clouds move and meld as I watch

There in the ozone God’s own movie show.


©DGA 15 December 2011 06:08




I’m floating in the clouds
And sliding down a moonbeam,
Or sitting on a star,
Fishing my life away.

A penny for my thoughts?
Thoughts translate to action –
Where is the satisfaction
Dreaming my life away?

Clouds of fluff like cotton wool,
Clouds of silken thread,
Gloomy clouds, dark and sinister,
Are gathered in my head.

My head is in the clouds
Or clouds are in my head?
Is it downside up or outside in?
Pondering my life away.

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