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The Paintbox

Post No. 905


The Paintbox


All the colours of words

Contrasts and

Shades of meaning

Music revealing feeling

The paintbox of our lives

Whether in neutrals, pastels or

Vivid, livid living hues of

Lightness and brightness

With traces of shadow

Eclipsing the sun

From time to time




©Denise G Allen, 15 December 2015 10:23





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Colours of Life

Post No. 890


Colours of Life


Some lives appear to be lived in Technicolor®

Others in palest gray

Do they denote shades of happiness

And do they change from day to day

Or perhaps they reflect personalities

Contentment, excitement, nervousness

Joy, hope, fear, fretfulness ~

It remains for the artist to decide

Which colours predominate

And which colours will override


©Denise G Allen, 26 October 2015 07:16




Look around you, if you dare,
There is beauty everywhere,
Beauty in the mountains tall,
Beauty in the grottos small,
The zillion different shades of green,
The spectrum of colours,
The scale of sounds,
All together know no bounds.


And all the creatures in all the world,
All the life that lives in earth
And sea and sky,
And that includes both you and I,
Live in symbiotic bonds whereby
Upon each other we rely
For the wants of life
Which we have squandered nearly dry.


We are not the masters of the universe,
We are not the kings who rule the earth,
We are here to live God’s plan,
Our God who is the great I Am,
And we his servants to do His will
And bid our ego’s to be still,
Giving God the glory He deserves,
Holding nothing in reserve.


©Denise G Allen, 14 April 2014 07:27



Sidey’s Weekend Theme: 19.08.2011 – Sunset




Darkness cloaks the earth
Silhouetted ‘gainst fire in the sky
Reaching, stretching way up high
Streaks of orange, red and yellow
Stunning pyrotechnic show
Colours pale and fade from sight
A monochrome scene
Drawn by moonlight

©DGA 20 August 2011 05:29




Colours painted in the sky,
Beauty in the air revealed
God’s promise to both you and me
Man’s separation has been healed.

Blue sky above, blue sky beneath,
And ‘twixt the two a verdant green
Of grassy hills and leafy trees,
A calm, serene and pastoral scene.

The unspoiled beauty of nature
Is fast becoming a stranger
To city children who live and play
In concrete boxes stacked up high.