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This is a land of secrets

whispered behind closed doors

a raised hand bans lip reading

background machinations

use your imaginations

everything has its price

and money has the power

assassinations are for the taking

murder is for the making

and the price is always right

where is the law –gone before a fall

no longer able to drive a wedge

between good and evil

excise the rot from a bowl of fruit

the weevils from the food

corruption is the name of the game

and the players are able

to sit around the table pushing

kings queens and pawns back and forth

toppling governments

no longer servants but sovereigns

puffed up with their own importance

and the tale continues with whispers

getting louder, becoming shouts

and only now becoming heard

by ones who listen and could take action

the few brave enough to speak out

the rest deliberately blind

too inconvenient to see…


©Denise G Allen, 07 May 2015 05:43


Local Elections

Local Elections

Corruption is holding the reins
Demonstrations take place every day
If the situation stays the same
You have only yourself to blame

Emotions are running high
Lack of service is the cry
Empty promises and lies
Jobs by the thousands you’d supply

Loyalty must pay the price
Withholding your vote will not suffice
You need to demonstrate your rage
By using your vote to make a change

Image: Mail & Guardian (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
©DGA 31.03.2011 03:46



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Evolution –
Revolution –
But there will be no resolution
Without inspiration and perspiration.
A rash of unrest is spreading
Like a fire out of control –
A conflagration of feelings.

Take away man’s ability to provide
Food and shelter for his family
And the spark is lit;
There is nothing to lose.
Desperation is the match
For those who fail to scratch
A living from the superfluity of the ‘haves’.

Beware those who try to subvert
Actions aimed at charity
For popularity.
Governments are failing their poor,
Food is unaffordable to more and more.
Where will it end?
And what does it portend?
©DGA 09.03.2011 18:10


Fraud and Corruption

Fraud and Corruption

Rot is rife in the corridors of power
From the hallowed halls of parliament
To the municipal offices –
Fingers in the cookie jars of public funds,
Stealing from the poor, deprived and ravenous.
SCOPA is aware but no action has been taken.
Comrades from the past
Are loyal in the present.
Will they ever recognise that that was in the struggle,
And now the struggle’s over they’re accomplices to crime,
Breaking the laws they are supposed to uphold.

SCOPA: Standing Committee on Public Accounts