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For Love of Your Child

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For Love of Your Child


Is there a list that I have missed

Of doing time to fit the crime:

This for that, tit for tat,

Hard to say…

Can we love too much

But it’s not the same

God is God

To be worshipped,

Admired, beloved

And held in awe,

Where you are flesh of my flesh,

Blood of my blood,

Human as me in my mortality.


©Denise G Allen, 08 June 2015 10:15




My mouth was dry, I could not speak
I shook all over like a leaf
Hands a-shake and legs like jelly
I walked with knees that were quite wobbly.

Quavering like a geriatric
(I know I’m old, but I’m not there yet),
I raised the phone to call for help,
And help arrived, I’m pleased to say,
Within the shortest time that day.

They had a look around the house,
Took statements in their little books
Then climbed back slowly in their van
And drove away with sombre looks.

Months went by without a word
And I thought that we’d hear no more
Until one evening they came back
With the culprit, cuffed secure!

Photo: Fotosearch



Fraud and Corruption

Fraud and Corruption

Rot is rife in the corridors of power
From the hallowed halls of parliament
To the municipal offices –
Fingers in the cookie jars of public funds,
Stealing from the poor, deprived and ravenous.
SCOPA is aware but no action has been taken.
Comrades from the past
Are loyal in the present.
Will they ever recognise that that was in the struggle,
And now the struggle’s over they’re accomplices to crime,
Breaking the laws they are supposed to uphold.

SCOPA: Standing Committee on Public Accounts