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Face of Danger


We seldom see

danger’s face,

concealing in

his hiding place,

secreting himself

behind a veil,

waiting his chance

to cause a fall ~

take care, take care,

we’re ALMOST there…

and when he strikes

we’re so surprised,

it’s so unexpected

it’s hard to accept it.


©Denise G Allen, 07 February 2014 10:35





From time immemorial man

has been dissatisfied with the status quo,

but now… has he grown lazy,

too easily pacified, gratified, molified

with his executions of excursions

into the unknown from the planet he calls ‘home’?

Danger, has reared its ugly head. No flying in its face!

All carried out in unreal time, with bits and bytes.

No new frontiers that MATTER (or hard-ly).

When we are forced to vacate this home

where do we go and do we take with us

our selfish-ness, destructive-ness, vicious-ness

to contaminate the future?

If not, how do we leave it behind?

Change is OVERdue…

and if WE don’t/can’t make it ~~

who can?


©Denise G Allen, 02 January 2014 11:33



I am reposting this, my second poem, to draw attention to the following reblog from Maxi’s Comments. I am doing this because I see there is no ‘like’ feature and nor are there any tags to attract readers.


Engrossed in a wild celebration of life,

Laughing and shouting, heads back to drink,

As the bottle is passed from one to another,

Joyous excitement with no time to think.


Trees and shrubs and fences flash by,

A group on the corner takes shape and is gone.

Time stops for a moment that feels like a year.

The driver, in shock, cries, “What have I done?”


How fast a life changes, in the blink of an eye.

How quickly a spark can be smothered and die.

How often we warn our loved ones, “Take care.”

Not knowing the danger that’s lurking out there.


Photo and poem: © Denise G Allen, 20.05.2010


Danger in the Mist

Danger in the Mist

My headlights bounced back at me,
The mist so thick I could not see.
I drove on the highway at walking speed,
Much too slow, or so it seemed.

Leaning forward as far as I could,
Trying to peer through the mist ahead,
Trying to guess how far I’d come,
Was my turnoff further on?

I hoped I had not missed the way,
There were no landmarks that I could see,
Nothing but varying shades of grey
In front or to the sides of me.

At last the markings on the road
Gave way to broken lines. I pulled aside
With such relief I could not hide
The tears that welled up in my eyes.

No sooner had I turned off the road
Than I heard a loud and thunderous sound –
An articulated truck sped by
Which would have been the end of me!