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My beloved country

The backlash held in place

Has been let loose

The floodgate opened wide

As the frenzied tumult smiles

And rage has set the stage

A country polarised

Emotion rules the nation

A shower head, a laughing stock

A president, a precedent


While the world’s asleep

Judgement day will come again

And the cross will be our shame


My beloved country



©Denise G Allen, 31 May 2015 01:54



Post No. 803




Head back, I dozed, eyes closed,

Sun and shade played

On translucent eyelids

Barely visible

Felt, rather than seen

Thru the screen of lashes

Resting on my cheek.

Dust motes dance

Up and down a shaft of light

Then, as it fades,

They too vanish from sight.


©Denise G Allen, 20 May 2015 16:51

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Sweet Waters

Post 801


Sweet Waters


Let Your sweet waters wash over me

Cleansingly, refreshingly,

Rinsing life’s dust and grime away,

Soothing me through yet another day.

Father bathe me in Your light

Holding back the darkest night,

Help me shine for those I love

A sign, a signal from up above.


©Denise G Allen, 15 May 2015 17:43

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Your Light


a bright light shines through the darkness

warms my heart and cossets my soul

i feel you here lord, i feel you here god

your spirit calms me and keeps me whole

my faith grows stronger with each passing day

i will hold on forever through the rain and the storm

i will never let go and will come to no harm


©Denise G Allen, 01 October 2014 10:50




Prisoner in the darkness of my soul,

Invisible chains held me in the blackness of that gaol,

Shadows moved around enclosing walls

Circling smoothly, pressing darkly

Black on black against the light.


Spectres, spirits, ghouls flickered in the gloom,

Encroaching back to back around me in the room.

I cried out to God to help me flee,

Escape the evil that I felt surrounding me

And He… and HE was the One who set me free!


©Denise G Allen, 13 May 2014 07:12




When you are neither young nor old
When youth has gone and age not yet arrived
It’s waiting in the shadowed wings of life
To show itself however slowly in the light

Even as day has hours of darkness
Where spirit fails to meet the sun
And the night is so much blacker
With murky patches hiding in the gloom

Remember the sun can’t hide forever
And the clouds will slowly burn away
Shining light will burst the cover
And there will always be a brand new day


©Denise G Allen, 09 April 2013 07:53


Darkness before the Light

Darkness and Light


Darkness before the Light


Dark clouds obscure the light

Brightest day becomes the blackest night

While we live in this world of dreams

Everything is not what it seems

Way, way beyond the clouds above

The sky is bright with the light of Love

And when we reach that golden land

Then I think we will understand

The meaning of this life on earth

And the reason for our earthly birth


Image: (Thank you, again!)

©DGA 04 January 2012 07:47


The Powers of Darkness


The powers of darkness hold no sway,

Try as they may.

I walk in the Light and sin has no place,

Can’t show its face,

It’s forever erased.


I have no fear because You are here.

You walk with me, keep me company,

And shield me from the storm.

There is no harm can touch me now.

I’m out of reach of the devil’s hold

And, truth be told, forever safe

And sheltered from the cold.


©DGA 02 November 2011 08:31