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I think there’s a link between the sunrise
and the blue skies and the birds’ cries.
When I lie in bed I can hear when the sky is clear…
The raucous cries of the larger birds tear me from my sleep,
while the smaller chirps and cheeps try their hardest to compete ~
all this in the darkest night before the sun even shows himself awake ~
but I know, I can tell, a beautiful day awaits.

In the same way, when the birdsong is muted
and the screams have lost their harshness,
I know, I can feel, that a gentle day is in the offing,
perhaps with showers and a softening in the air.

How can any deny our Father when the proof is always there
and nature sings His praises for all the world to hear?
Are we ‘accidental’ beings and our world a chance MIS-take?
It’s preposterous to think that this could be the case!


©Denise G Allen, 14 January 2014 06:44


The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard

I opened my eyes, listening intently.
What had I heard? Why did I wake?
I let out my breath, softly, slowly.
Silence reigned.

Snuggling back under the sheets,
I closed my eyes, and the shroud of sleep
Slipped over my head as I drifted away
In my dreams.

The birds were stirring in the trees,
A touch of orange streaked the sky,
The faintest rustling of the leaves,
Daylight breaking.

I lay awhile and savoured the dawn,
Relished the crispness of the breeze.
My dog lay curled against my back,
Sleeping soundly.

I swung my feet down to the floor,
Fastened my robe against the chill,
And there, protruding from under the bed,
Was an adder – dead.