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Too bad

You’re late*

He was waiting

At the gate

You weren’t there

Too busy

With life’s game

No time

To let him in

So He couldn’t

Erase your sin


This is a play on the word ‘late’.  Many people in South Africa use the word to mean ‘dead’, e.g. ‘He is late.’ meaning ‘He is dead.’

Refer:  (Revelation 3:20)

©DGA 07 May 2012 06:06


Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Jack paid a visit to my home
And left his mark behind.
No rime on the lawn this time,
Dead or dying plants remain,
Proof of his passing.

Poinsettias that were in bloom,
Hibiscus sheltered by a wall,
A lovely Frangipani tree,
Withered and brown, foul to see.
Sadness is all.

Photo: Author