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Over My Shoulder


Looking over my shoulder

Into the past, all but forgotten

Through the merciless haze of time.

Scattered, dispersed like seeds in the wind,

Loved ones (and not so loved ones)

Gone forever, some into the ether,

Others into far-flung lands,

Leaving only memories, shadows

Lurking in yesterday’s infinity,

While the hands move on towards eternity.


©Denise G Allen, 22 June 2014 07:10


Tossing the Coin


“Heads, I win – Tails, you lose,”
No need for a double-sided coin,
The outcome is assured.
Life can be a wager,
Death to the loser ~~
The highest stake of all.


Life can be a gamble,
A game of chance,
And you can only play it once ~~
Here and now is what counts.
Tomorrow is a question mark
Invisible behind a mask.


©Denise G Allen, 05 January 2014 07:41


Madiba – A Final Farewell

Quote from Nelson Mandela

Quote from
Nelson Mandela

Madiba – A Final Farewell


He was just a boy,

Born in the land ‘cross the Kei,

A boy who grew into a man,

A champion of democracy.

A man who noticed inequality,

Whose conscience was stirred

And who tried to change his world.

Madiba, we thank you,

You did your very best,

You became an icon,

But you were just a man,

Loved by all ~

But only a man.


©Denise G Allen, 13 December 2013 20:36


Spring Cleaning


The warm winds blow
(sometimes with a hint of ice –
tail-end of winter’s cold),
ruffling the leaves
on the evergreen trees,
dusting the bare branches
of the unclad.

Dust rises in great swirls,
reddish and coarse,
echoes of the ground beneath
where it settles once again,
providing succour to the roots
whence it came.

Seasons’ circles,
cycles interwoven,
life and death
to the eye,
but the soul
will never die.


©Denise G Allen, 04 October 2013 07:08




Sitting staring into space
Remembering another time and place
Now all alone in her silent world
Peacefully waiting…

The sounds of life pass her by
The hue and cry out in the streets
Birds in the trees fill the air
With their twitterings and tweets

Another time, another place…
Soon she’ll quit the human race
The race of life is almost run
And she accepts what is to come


©Denise G Allen, 14 August 2013 10:01




She was a rich bitch
Fair-haired blue-eyed golden girl
Daddy’s pearl

He was working class
Bold as brass
Kiss my ass

Love strikes out of the blue
And it targeted those very two
Daddy roared NO NO NO
Mother said rather listen to your father

Then they called the preacher in
Sunday school teacher in
And since the boy was born in sin
His sanction was impossible
Absolutely impractical
So that’s the reason why
There they lie…

©Denise G Allen, 01 August 2013 10:47


Echoes of the Past

Single simple rose

Single simple rose

Echoes of the Past

Echoes through mists of time and space,
Sometimes tough to see its face,
Complex intricate forms display
In the presence of today.
Life and death are intertwined,
Silk and thorns are all designed
To influence, guide, hold sway
For hence we have evolved this way.

Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 30 July 2013 05:37

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Time and Time Again…

Sidey’s weekend theme this week is ‘LATE’:


Use your time, don’t let it slide

Into the Great Divide

‘tween Heaven and Earth,

Misused, into the past –

Lost in the vast-ness of space…

Whether you dream dreams,

Write reams, run the race of life,

Just don’t waste your time –

Your gift from God –

On fruitless pursuits.

More precious than stones,

Silver or gold, time cannot be stored

For use on a rainy day,

Cannot be ignored as it

Catches you up and passes you by.

Too late, too late, you will cry

As on your deathbed you lie.


©Denise G Allen, 27 July 2013 08:38