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If you watch me or follow

you will find i hide my hopes

and dreams under my pillow

my wishes and fancies are

buried there together with

a feather that fell through the air

white marshmallow clouds

form my bed, soft and welcoming

me into the warm folds of faith

where I lie way up high…


©Denise G Allen, 14 June 2013 05:42



The Edge of the World


Teetering on a tightrope
Hanging on a shelf
Grasp with frozen fingertips
While the moon hangs itself

Reality is become fiction
And fiction doesn’t exist
Solid ground falls away
Leaving space in its place

Heads spin on shoulders
Wi(l)de-eyed at far-off visions
Sense-less dreams of peace
On our bleeding earth


©Denise G Allen, 23 March 2013 03:54



The dawning promise of morning
Where golden arrows streak the sky
And blushing clouds drift on high
Doused in purest gold

Too soon the sun appears
Reaching over the horizon
And the surrounding colours brighten
In a burst of blazing flames

Glorious scenes beyond our dreams
Pleasure and delight our senses
Oh that we could freeze the moment
With each and every small component

©Denise G Allen, 14 January 2013 14:46




The world is waiting for what comes next;

Even the howling wind holds its breath.

The clouds are black across the sky

And I, with my eyes on the sea below

Watch it boil and recoil as the monster beneath

Twists and turns to escape the grip of the tide

Sucking, pulling, drawing him under,

While the men on deck look on as the sea

Plays its role in helping the whale to flee.


©Denise G Allen, 29 December 2012 09:08




Evil rides abroad at night

Cloaked in clouds that hide the light,

Looking for a fertile bed

Upon which to rest his head;

His evil thoughts in dreams are spread,

Filling us with utmost dread.


Evil prowls the minds of men,

Seeking foothold to craft his den.

He plants his seed where e’er he goes,

Finding places well disposed –

And they’re aplenty, heaven knows –

Offering space for his repose.


Oh God in Heaven help us to see

When all is not as it purports to be,

To recognise evil’s distorted face;

Bless us with Your holy grace

That none is misled by his carapace

In traversing life’s obstacle race.


©DGA 21 March 2012 11:24


A Flying Car

A flying car — it’s an iconic image of the future. But after 100 years of flight and automotive engineering, no one has really cracked the problem. Pilot Anna Mracek Dietrich and her team flipped the question, asking: Why not build a plane that you can drive?


DGA 07.11.2011 20:30