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Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots

Spring Shoots


Bare brown branches with hardly a hint of green,

The smallest tint of jade seen in the shade

As the shadows lengthen and colours dissipate.

Darkness shrouds the trees and birds slowly cease

Their twitters. Only a lone owl can be heard

Breaking the soft silence with his call. Peace.


©Denise G Allen, 10 September 2014 11:21




Clouds as light as air

Sail across the sky,

Voyagers of discovery

As in years gone by.


Whispers of pink appear,

Murmurs of lilac too,

Gold and silver highlights,

Lowlights of purplish-blue.


Farewell you travellers

Way up on high, adieu;

I wish you a safe journey,

As you fade into the blue.


NB – One of my favourite poets is back here.  Enjoy!

©DGA 30 January 2012 14:50