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Derby and Joan


There they came again, the pair of Egyptian geese, as they did every morning and late afternoon since I had moved into my new home, strolling up the roadside, across the road and over to my garden, the veritable picture of a Derby and Joan.  He would walk a little behind and off to the side, with his neck stretched, keeping a watchful eye for anything out of the ordinary.  She was always on the lookout for titbits which she snatched with hardly a pause.

One day last week they had me in stitches.  They had been around for about half an hour when suddenly he (Derby) took off, soaring through the tree branches and disappearing into the distance.  Joan cackled softly to herself, turning her head this way and that for a few minutes before continuing to busy herself pecking on the ground.  After about fifteen minutes I turned away to go inside when I heard him land and, my goodness, did she let him have it!  She went on and on cackle-honk, cackle-honk, cackle-honk, not too loud but quite loud enough so he could not fail to know how upset she was.  Off they went down the path and out of sight with Joan complaining all the while.

The thing is… I haven’t seen Derby since.  Joan still visits every day – alone.  Has he found another mate?  Was her nagging just too much for him?  I would love to know.


PS – Jake is still around  and is looking well.


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