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Goodbye Mister Zee

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Goodbye Mister Zee


The masses are restless

After a long sleep

They thought they could trust you

But instead what did you do

Fleeced them and kept them

In subservient positions

Untrained and earning a pittance

Conned them with meaningless words

Surrounded yourself with comrades

Afraid to speak the truth–

Even under oath

Fear is the currency of value

But at last the tide is turning

People’s hearts are burning

And Elvis has left the building


©Denise G Allen, 28 June 2015 11:25



Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 11.11.2011: Things aren’t always what they seem to be




tell me what is the cost

when there is little that money can’t buy

and the value on the face of it

is higher than it’s worth

while meat can be pliable or tough

when you read a book is it enough

just to look at the cover

with never a glance inside

is a face that is kind

always a sign of benevolence

and tell me is al-truism the truth

while elvis sings of love

from other side the grave

and the moon is so bright

that the night is almost as light as day

©DGA 12 November 2011 06:09