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Surfing in Outer Space

Waves Pictures, Images and Photos

Surfing in Outer Space


In my dreams at night

I take a great delight

Surfing in outer space.

No boundaries are there

As far as I’m aware

And I’m totally alone

In a black invisible sea.

Manoeuvring my spaceboard

I use my strength of mind

To leave my mass behind.

Left or right, up or down,

Planets, suns and moons,

Whole galaxies go by,

Swooping down a wormhole

And out the other side,

No energy expended,

No barriers extended,

Free, free to be me.


©DGA 08.11.2010 01:38



Cumulus Clouds


White, fluffy clouds up high in the sky –
The lower layer moves slowly
And, to my eye,
What wonderful shapes they make:
Animals, birds and even the faces
Of men and women,
Then the picture changes
As vehicles of all descriptions
Come and go while I watch,
Morphing from one to another,
An angel, a wizard, a witch,
Fantasies of an endless variety
Take my imagination on a wild journey.


©DGA 30.09.2010