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Why Fear

Post No. 869


Why Fear


She is my voice

Hers are my tears

Crying in the wilderness

Silent in my fears


Afraid to open the gates

Lest I should drown

Showing my nakedness

My helplessness I own


I am not ashamed

To declare you my God

My maker my creator

So tell me why

Oh why do I hide

My feelings deep inside


©Denise G Allen, 06 September 2015 09:34


Chaos Subdued

Post No. 863


Chaos Subdued


Our world is in chaos

Confusion reigns

Where there was order

All is in disarray

Like a rash of pustules

Erupts around a volcano

Small boils burst

Peace gives (s)way to turmoil

And God is lost

In the fear and horror

As man becomes a warrior

In the war against himself


©Denise G Allen, 26 August 2015 10:59


Goodbye Mister Zee

Post No. 831


Goodbye Mister Zee


The masses are restless

After a long sleep

They thought they could trust you

But instead what did you do

Fleeced them and kept them

In subservient positions

Untrained and earning a pittance

Conned them with meaningless words

Surrounded yourself with comrades

Afraid to speak the truth–

Even under oath

Fear is the currency of value

But at last the tide is turning

People’s hearts are burning

And Elvis has left the building


©Denise G Allen, 28 June 2015 11:25



Post No. 812




Is insanity contagious

When behaviour is outrageous

Humanity has exited

And adrenalin is now

The drug of choice

Freely available

To all who are unable

To contain their hu- (a-)nger

Addicts all who need

Gratification in an instant

Satisfaction in the moment

Boasting bloodlust

Cruelty and destruction

Of animal existence

And when that is not sufficient

Turning on their own

Driven higher and higher

Until they im- or ex-plode

While dancing on the edge of death


Give me instead

The wild countryside

Sweet-smelling grasses

Unsullied waters

Peace and tranquillity

Kindness and harmony

The way to truly survive

This rat-race called life


©Denise G Allen, 04 June 2015 05:35


In the Dark


I can’t remember your face,

Darkly as it always was,

Heavily clouded eyes

Looking ever inward,

Unseeingly – seemingly

Hovering on the edge of life.

Scant memories of love and laughter,

Only of misery and blame;

Looking through the album

Of remembrances,

You were the night to my day,

The dark to my light

Fading away…

You were the depth of my shame

Brought to mind again.


©Denise G Allen, 07 April 2014 11:49




When your gut is tight with fear

Remember to say a prayer

Because God is always near

And you can be sure that He will hear


You are a magnet

Attracting the things you dread

Drawing them ever closer

Like a horseshoe enticing lead*


God will protect us

He will never reject us

And the pathway to God is Love

We must clear the road for His light

Open our hearts to Him

Feel his love come pouring in


* Lead is not affected by a magnet – poetic licence!

15 November 2011 09:46


A Different Heat


His fingers slipped in sweat

As he strived to contain the threat.

Drops ran down his brow

Restricting most of his view.

He paused to wipe his face

 And, consciously braced,

Separated the wires,

Checking them with care,

Swallowing his fear.

Then, eyes shut tight

Closing out the light,

He used his knife

And sliced.


©DGA 26 October 2011 19:49


The Merry go Round

Merry go Round

The Merry go Round

Laughing children on the ride,
Shouting, waving, being merry;
Parents standing round outside,
Smiling, calling, cameras clicking.

Up and down went the horses,
Round and round went the ride,
Faster, faster, screamed the kiddies,
And a knob was pressed to oblige.

The cries of joy became cries of fear
As panic filled them all;
Parents, children and bystanders
Realised it was out of control.

I jerked awake from my sleep
Relieved it was only a scare,
But next morning I was told by my children
Their school was going to the fair.

Photo :

©DGA 02.10.2010