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Dark & Light

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Dark & Light


Darkness conceals the night

Stillness weighs heavy as the grave

A lone(ly) bird breaks the silence

Kwa-keh he calls but to no avail


Quiet replies


Yesterday the dark was light

The air sheer as the wind blew

Birds slept in silence

Rocked by the trees

Boughs creaked in protest

Throughout the forest


©Denise G Allen, 08 June 2015 11:02


Whispering Forest


Deep in the shade of the forest glade

Where the leaves whisper secrets

And the wind unwinds,

Sheltered by the height and might

Of neighbouring trees,

I fancied a voice, as thin as a reed, could be heard

Crying though the loneliness,

“Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre,

Where are you, my son?

Come home, come home,


But only the whispering leaves hear my plea,


Come home to me.”


©DGA 07 June 2012 13:08


Subtle Changes


Oft times we are too close to see

The making or changing of history.

The forest is made up of too many trees

Blocking the view of anything new.


The implications and variations,

Said to be pure as the driven snow,

Are often disguised from enquiring eyes

And hidden in layers and layers of lies.


©DGA 23 December 2011 14:32


Forest Fires

Forest Fires

A single act of carelessness
Is all it takes to set in motion
Such catastrophic consequences,
Endangering many humans,
Plants, animals, homes and livelihoods.

At certain times of the year
Vegetation is tinder dry,
Highly flammable,
Combustible and susceptible
To outbreaks of fire.

It is criminal, unlawful,
Immoral and outrageous
To fail to take precautions
To safeguard against these
Dangerous conditions.

The smallest spark could be the cause
Of a gigantic conflagration,
Escalating rapidly into an inferno
Taking the lives of innocent people
Animals and plants.