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God is

God is all

Who stands between you and death

Who gives you your last breath

His is the power

He is the Father

Who holds you to His breast

Open your eyes and see

Open your ears and hear

Today you have a second chance

You’re a lucky one –

Some had none

All you must do is believe

Fill your heart with love

For Jesus who died to forgive

And your sin will be gone

Completely overcome

And we will live

For ever


©Denise G Allen, 16 November 2015 11:41


What if…

Sidey’s Weekend Theme, 22.07.2011: What if?

What if…

What if the sky was green
And the grass was blue
What if you loved me
And I loved you

What if the clouds were brown
And the sea was pink
What if I would own
Just what I think

What if I could see
What if you could tell
Is it Fate putting us
Through this earthly hell

What if we went back
To where we were
What if we never met
And we were pure

We can’t blame Fate
For our dilemma
The choice was ours
To live with forever

Nothing’s too hard
For Him to forgive
It’s for us to decide
How we want to live

©DGA 22 July 2011 11:32