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The Past


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The Past


The past keeps pace with the present

A moving shadow walking in our shoes

Echoing who we were

Molding us into who we are

Tap, tap, tap in stiletto heels

Clomp, clomp, clomp in brogues

There’s no escaping history

Just how is a mystery, but

The past lies waiting at the gate



Copyright Denise G Allen, 6 April 2016 10:30




I found myself face down, prostrate
Upon the rough and stony ground
While all around the air was bright
With multi-coloured shining light.

I hid myself in shame from Him
Who understood and called my name,
A sinner with myself to blame.

He raised me up from where I lay
And filled me with His holy love ~
I felt His warmth surrounding me
And His compassion condoning me.

Take me, O Lord, for I am yours,
Remove my scars and heal my sores.
And be my God for ever more.


©Denise G Allen, Monday, 17 February 2014 01:04