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I lost myself in the ways of the world,

I stumbled and fell in the mire,

But the Lord saw me fall

And He reached out his hand,

Said, I understand,

It is easy for you to do,

Just keep your eyes on the cross

At the top of the hill

Where the road runs straight and true,

If you falter and fall, you must pick yourself up,

If you stray on the way, call on Me

For I will be there – My love will set you free.


©Denise G Allen, 21 October 2014 15:51



* Edited


A silver thread ran through the wind

Winding and twining round and round;

Freedom at last

From a muggy past

Where the air lay heavy and still

And he was trapped as it overlapped

Until, bursting with joy,

He cartwheeled into the clouds

Scattering flaming colours,

Washes of silver and gold,

As he zig-zagged his path

With a tinkling laugh,

Way up high across the sky,

Leaving his grumbling shadow to follow.


©Denise G Allen, 12 June 2014 10:59


God’s Trees

God's Trees

God’s Trees

God’s Trees


Symbols of strength and beauty,

God’s trees stand tall and free

Praising their Maker for all to see,

Holding the mysteries of histories,

Living, breathing entities

Supplying oxygen for you and me ~

How magnificent is He who could make a tree!


Image and poem: ©Denise G Allen, 03 March 2014 02:46


On the Wind


Sunrise at the seaside
Bloodied the water and
The golden sands blushed,
But not for long,
A few minutes and it was gone.

A tiny movement caught my eye,
~~ a bird flapping?
It was not, but a sweet wrapping
Trapped ‘tween sand and breeze,
Flip-flap, flip-flap as it tried to get free.

I loosened the sand and watched
As it sailed way, way up in the air ~~
A kite without a tail, but it was free
As free as it could possibly be
And I thought, “If only we… …”


©Denise G Allen, 08 January 2014 04:48





From time immemorial man

has been dissatisfied with the status quo,

but now… has he grown lazy,

too easily pacified, gratified, molified

with his executions of excursions

into the unknown from the planet he calls ‘home’?

Danger, has reared its ugly head. No flying in its face!

All carried out in unreal time, with bits and bytes.

No new frontiers that MATTER (or hard-ly).

When we are forced to vacate this home

where do we go and do we take with us

our selfish-ness, destructive-ness, vicious-ness

to contaminate the future?

If not, how do we leave it behind?

Change is OVERdue…

and if WE don’t/can’t make it ~~

who can?


©Denise G Allen, 02 January 2014 11:33


Wings of the Wind


My soul sings

With the song of the wind,

Harmonising, synchronising…

Blow high, blow low

As around the world we go

Carried as the air’s

Sweet currents flow

From the mountains on high

To the valleys below

Lift me up, lift me up…

Let my spirit soar

On the wings of the wind.


©Denise G Allen, 19 October 2013 13:56


What Right


What right have we

To be self-satisfied?

Do we really want our offspring

To be mirrors of ourselves?

Is it good enough for them ~

The best of us, or the worst of us?

We train our children to think

IN the box ~ or not to think at all!

Don’t rock the boat!

No freedom of thought ~

What a blunder ~

Farting against thunder!

Education is just masturbation

Stroking your ego for a job not done.


©Denise G Allen, 26 September 2013 06:29


Fait Accompli


There’s no starting over
What’s done is done
What’s said is said
I had no confidence left


Eroded away ‘til I was gone
Just an empty shell
A shadow of myself
A sacrifice in the name of ‘love’


A joker’s prank so off it stank
Reborn in my middle age
To regain what had been lost
But we knew that time was past


©Denise G Allen, 23 July 2013 08:34




leaders are needed

to lead from the front

doing their best for all mankind

but money is power

and power is god

calling the shots

and telling what’s what

promoting relations

and friends to the top

crony-ism thrives

there’s (dis)honour among thieves

elections are due

to be held next year

and will changes occur

in the voting majority

or will they follow the leader

like sheep to the slaughter

it remains to be seen

if the mass has matured

and is aware of the position

but really don’t care…


©Denise G Allen, 07 May 2013 07:37




My trust lies in the dust

trampled underfoot

my soul is exposed

as a worthless part of the heart

revealed as nothing more

and nothing less

than just another word…

I need another world

another space where faith

can teach me to trust again

and not barter trust

for a place in the sun


©Denise G Allen, 15 April 2013 09:17