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Last Autumn Days


Winter arrived in a flash last night;
cold blue skies with clouds of white,
but the trees remain green with a hint of gold
tho’ ice in the air is FREEZing cold.

He came in a woollen hat and scarf,
a greatcoat covered his expansive girth
up to his neck and down to his boots
which trampled their frost on growing roots.

Too early, too early we cried out loud
the trees are standing tall and proud
and their autumn gowns are not yet set
they still have a time to get ready yet.

Give us a month to admire and enjoy
leaves changing colour before you destroy
their autumn shades of reds and golds,
riches to our eyes above precious stones.

©Denise G Allen, 05 April 2013 20:02


The Tree

shilouette tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Tree Silhouette Pictures, Images and Photos

The Tree

You stand there naked on the hill
Like an appointed sentinel,
Bereft of all your summer glory,
Your limbs outstretched against the sky,
and silently watch the world go by.

Do you shiver in the chill?
Do you utter the smallest sound
When the frost blankets the ground
And the snow begins to thaw –
Do your roots get cold and sore?

Do you long for the return of spring,
For sunny days and balmy nights,
When children climb your leafy boughs
And raucous rooks perch way up high
To view the landscape beneath the sky?

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©DGA 26.06.2011 07:14