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Spring Rains


Spring rains wash away

Winter’s signs of death and decay,

Settling the dry and powdery dust,

Cleaning the air enabling us

To live and breathe in harmony,

To procreate and propagate,

To carry life forward from the past

Into the future where at last

We’ll find a way to live in love

Guided by the One above.


©DGA 22 May 2012 07:24



Look towards the Future


It’s no good living in the past,
With selective memories
Pleasantly seducing
The feelings in your head,
Because the past is dead.

By remembering the good
And eradicating the bad,
The dreams are false,
The past is lost,
It has gone to waste.

You have no choice
But listen to the voice
Coming from your heart –
The past will drag you down
And watch while you drown.

The future has everything
You need to start again,
To generate fresh dreams
And help you to revive
The potential of your life.


©DGA 06.10.2010