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God’s Window


Looking through God’s window
At the earth below
Wide-eyed at the beauty
Lost to man’s neglected duty
Sorrow for the morrow
When we’ll have to beg and borrow
Food and drink and air to breathe

Nothing saved ~ we disobeyed
Destroyed our earthly paradise
Right before our very eyes
Care-less, thought-less, heed-less greed
And avarice beset our needs
Is it too late to turn the tide
We have nowhere else to run and hide…


©Denise G Allen, 15 July 2014 12:41


Remember the Days…


…when we played games
And had fun in the sun,
When respect was earned:
Teachers, doctors, politicians and parents
Stood apart from the rest
And did their level best
To serve the community with impunity.

Where have those days gone?
Respect is no more, gone for good
(Actually, gone for bad).
Greed has taken over this world
And, where some had a calling,
Money now is more appealing
And jobs are selected for the earnings.


©Denise G Allen, 09 January 2014 18:36




Confined ]inasmallplace[ slip and slither,

Try to outdo one another,

Up and over often becomes down and under

As they jiggle around for (elbow?) space. Ha.

They seem to take on lives of their own,

Each one for himself…?

Hard to catch, great escapees,

Like so many souls clustered together

Only to ‘Pop’, released to the atmosphere,

Released to God’s care,

Bright as light…


©Denise G Allen, 29 May 2013 06:37


The Drive


Deep within our consciousness,

Hidden away from prying eyes,

There is a drive to drink and eat,

To stay alive and to compete,

While our bodies are driven,

No matter how much we are given,

To desire more, more, more

Food, wealth, prestige, power

As we aim to gain beyond the same

And when our race is run,

When our lives are done,

The rabble will scrabble

To take their due –

And the wheel spins on.

©Denise G Allen, 21 May 2013 14:12


Out and About


Jack and Mrs Sprat

Thin and very fat

Took a stroll around the town

Looking at the sights

Never dreaming they were one

To other passers-by

Admiring the lights

Mirrored in the glass

Imagining they fit right in

‘Cos there are many fat-cats

Greed will take its toll

Now fancy that


©Denise G Allen, 21 January 2013 08:23




Sleek, shiny, iron-grey,
Gliding through the sea
And surfing in the waves,
Beautiful creatures of the deep.
Who could not but admire
Their joyous displays?

Man’s friend of their own freewill,
By some accounts,
They should beware
Of Man’s intentions:
Selfishness and greed
His main objectives!

He is killing the earth
Piece by piece –
First animals, birds and trees
Were victims of his greed,
Now fish and mammals of the deep,
By poisoning the seas.




Greed is a Pig

Greed is a Pig

Greed is a pig
Who has all but ruined world economies,
Taking not only his share, but others’ too.
Greed is a pig
Who gobbles up all he sees,
Caring not a jot or tittle
Whether others starve.
The more he has, the more he needs;
Prudence and thrift are words
Foreign to his ears.

Profits are all that count at the end of his day!
Profits and percentages!
Are there no good men to call his bluff?
Brave and upright men of honour
With brains who can explain
Exorbitant salaries,
Magnificent emoluments,
To the world at large,
And how, at the end of the day,
The poorest of earth’s inhabitants could benefit instead.

Note: ‘Men’ includes both sexes




Now is the Time

Now is the Time

Now is the time for man to make a stand
To halt the destruction he has caused
In the past.
Top of the pops in the ratings
Of earth’s inhabitants, brain-wise,
Man has been irresponsible,
Immature and negligent,
Causing untold damage to our planet.
His greed has overcome his morals
And ethics,
If, indeed, he had any to start.
He has been the destroyer for too long,
Trashing, over time,
Ecosystems, microcosms,
Undiscovered flora and fauna
Which may have held the key to cures
Of some dread diseases.
If he wishes to survive the consequences
Of his rash behaviour
He must now, immediately,
Admit his failure to fulfil his role as leader
And change his ways to save us all.
Man, the destroyer, must now become
Man, the protector, conserver, overseer and guardian
Of our planet’s health.
This is the only way our species can survive
Into the future and beyond.

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