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Memories, Mementoes & Mosbolletjies

Memories and mementoes

Taped up in boxes

Enclosed in cases

Tied up with string

Which to hold on to

And which to let go

Even the sweetest

Leaves a nasty trace

Leaves a bitter taste

No room for the sad

No place for the bad

Let me savour

But the purest flavour

Bake mosbolletjies*

For the future


*South Africa: a sweetish bun,
eaten fresh or dried as a rusk, often flavoured with aniseed

©DGA 10 October 2011 09:52


Happy Feet

 Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 23.09.2011: Feet


 I’ll sing you a song

To paint a smiley face

And you’ll sing along

To make this a happy place


We’ll clap our hands

And infect the whole world

As the beat of our feet

Makes the sound on the ground

Echo deep through the land


I’ll sing you a song

To paint a smiley face

And you’ll sing along

To make this a happy place


©DGA 24 September 2011 07:10

&  for the latecomers:



Happy Birthday


Wish I were there to celebrate your birth

The planets however do not concur

As we were made to recognise last year

So I’ll be with you in spirit if not in deed

Little brother who keeps me sane

Who helps me recognise my need

And comforts me when I’m in pain

Perhaps next year we can travel together

And holiday whatever the weather

But ‘til then I’ll drink a toast

To health and wealth and affinity

For all in this world we value most


©DGA 30 August 2011 10:36


The Merry go Round

Merry go Round

The Merry go Round

Laughing children on the ride,
Shouting, waving, being merry;
Parents standing round outside,
Smiling, calling, cameras clicking.

Up and down went the horses,
Round and round went the ride,
Faster, faster, screamed the kiddies,
And a knob was pressed to oblige.

The cries of joy became cries of fear
As panic filled them all;
Parents, children and bystanders
Realised it was out of control.

I jerked awake from my sleep
Relieved it was only a scare,
But next morning I was told by my children
Their school was going to the fair.

Photo :

©DGA 02.10.2010