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Why Fear

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Why Fear


She is my voice

Hers are my tears

Crying in the wilderness

Silent in my fears


Afraid to open the gates

Lest I should drown

Showing my nakedness

My helplessness I own


I am not ashamed

To declare you my God

My maker my creator

So tell me why

Oh why do I hide

My feelings deep inside


©Denise G Allen, 06 September 2015 09:34


Watching & Waiting

Pilanesberg - Look-out

Pilanesberg – Raptor Look-out

Pilanesberg - Look-out

Pilanesberg – Raptor Look-out

One morning on our way to one of the hides where we hoped to see an hippopotamus we came across an enormous herd of elephant. All sizes and all ages. They were on both sides of the road and at arm’s length from the car. I managed to get a few photo’s to show just how close they were.

Pilanesberg - Elephant

Pilanesberg – Elephant

Pilanesberg - Elephant

Pilanesberg – Elephant

Pilanesberg - Elephant

Pilanesberg – Elephant

This particular hide was situated on stilts and was partially over the dam. The floor was made of wooden planks, laid slightly apart from each other so we were able to look through the gaps at the water below. We could see something in the water, but were unsure whether it was a turtle or even just a piece of flotsam. Then it gave a sort of loud grunt and, still mostly submerged, it floated out from under the hide. This was our best view of it and unfortunately we didn’t see it again although we went back to the hide several times during our stay.

Pilanesberg - Hippopotamus

Pilanesberg – Hippopotamus

Watching & Waiting

Blue, blue, the sky is blue
Mirrored in the surface of the water too
As they bend their heads to drink
I wonder what the creatures think
The wind sifts the sand in a giant sieve
Leaving patterns in the rock face where the insects live
The beetle rolls his dung ball with his eggs inside
While we sit as quiet as mice in the man-made hide

Dung beetle


Images (except for the dung beetle) and poetry: ©Denise G Allen, 02 February 2013 23:21


Secrecy Bill


What’s the use of a constitution

That’s the envy of the world?

(We are told)

There is no sign of restitution

When it can be chopped and changed

To hide fraud and corruption.

As soon as investigation is mooted

We have to change to right footed;

The media becomes the enemy

And fear rules the roost;

Fear the enemy will spread the news –

And other views –

Which will not amuse.

What is there to hide?

Is it more than meets the eye?

Is it too much to abide?

Even old comrades

Are becoming disillusioned

In all the confusion.

©DGA 28 November 2011 07:49