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The Past


Post No. 919

The Past


The past keeps pace with the present

A moving shadow walking in our shoes

Echoing who we were

Molding us into who we are

Tap, tap, tap in stiletto heels

Clomp, clomp, clomp in brogues

There’s no escaping history

Just how is a mystery, but

The past lies waiting at the gate



Copyright Denise G Allen, 6 April 2016 10:30



Post No. 833




Look below the surface

Dig a little deeper

You may find a treasure

Invisible unseen


A maelstrom of wonder

Lies beneath our footprints

Where thoughts coalesce

Shifting into dreams


His-stories near and far

Gift-wrap for bidden

Eyes to see if broken

Pieces re-stored again


©Denise G Allen, 05 July 2015 08:36


Reaching Out



Sifting through the sands of time

for footsteps long forgot,

smothered by the wind-blown dust,

covered by earth’s crumbling crust,

memories are stirred to life,

reach out with fingers from the past,

the graveyard yawns, remains exposed,

bygone eras, long-gone aeons,

shadow figures buried in

an avalanche of history,

bacteria, microorganisms set free.


©Denise G Allen, 11 October 2014 07:06

NB: This was written with Ebola in mind


Subtle Changes


Oft times we are too close to see

The making or changing of history.

The forest is made up of too many trees

Blocking the view of anything new.


The implications and variations,

Said to be pure as the driven snow,

Are often disguised from enquiring eyes

And hidden in layers and layers of lies.


©DGA 23 December 2011 14:32


Bodiam Castle



Brooding in the background,

Twice besieged romantic ruin,

Has watched the world go by

From 1385 until today

With sightless eyes.

He listens to the birds’ chirp,

Smells the flowers’ scent,

Bathes his feet in his private pool…

What more can an old man ask

Than to be a part of life

But savour his independence too.



Image: ©Cherryl Stone

©DGA 18 November 2011 07:45