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Seeing through a looking glass

Remembering with integrity

Trying with utmost sincerity

Unmolding from its history

Does the path run straight and true

Or does it take on another hue?


Selective memories subconsciously

We continue unaware to place ourselves

In a different light, seemingly forever right

Wishful thinking becomes a fact-or

Allowing us the liberty to ride

Upon that rainbow in the sky.


©Denise G Allen, 06 May 2015 14:57




Who would have dreamt that I would find

A love like yours, so sweet and kind,

As gentle as the morning rays,

I bask in the sunlight of your gaze.


The walls I built you’re taking down,

And my defences are breaking down.

For twenty years I’ve stood alone –

Twenty years all on my own.


And now I feel there’s time for us,

If we can just restore my trust

With faith and hope and honesty

I don’t need any guarantee


©DGA 29 January 2012 03:54




Peace, quiet, harmony,
Calm, stillness, tranquillity,
Silence, serenity,
Isolation and seclusion.
This is my life…
I can invite people in
Or I can leave them out
According to my mood.

I am in control,
There is no more deception,
We know where we stand –
Enough of pretension.
Honesty is my password,
Integrity my secret code,
And these are the keys
To my humble abode.

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©DGA 22.09.2010



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There can be no trust
Without openness and honesty.
There can be no trust
Without integrity.
Trust is the most critical
Element in any relationship.
In partnerships
We need to trust each other;
As citizens of a country
We need to trust our leadership.
When trust breaks down
Then what have we?
The potential for anarchy!
There can be no trust
Without openness and honesty.
There can be no trust
Without integrity.